A Guide for First Time IT Services Company Buyers Article By Cogent Sr. Partner George Sierchio in Channel Executive Magazine

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). A hot topic in the IT services space for quite a while now and it will continue that way for years to come. It’s alluring, intriguing, risky, rewarding, and much more art than it is science and legalese.

Read the full article in the November edition of Channel Executive Magazine here.

Datapath of California Acquires Valley Network Solutions Led By Cogent Growth Partners

In March of 2018, Datapath, located in Modesto, California, acquired Valley Network Solutions of Fresno, California. The combined company’s core focus areas include IT consulting, managed services and multi-layer cybersecurity. Core vertical markets include agribusiness, K-12 and higher education, manufacturers, and mid-size professional service organizations.

How to Prepare Your Business For A Sale And Get Top Dollar For It

How to Prepare Your Business For A Sale And Get Top Dollar For It

What is the business worth?

With so many varying opinions and experts in the market giving you partial or false advice on the “going price” of a reseller business, it can difficult to sift the fact from the fiction. Understanding the value of any business comes down to two important principals:

There is the price that someone is willing to pay for your company.