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Focus on the Opportunity First

IT M&A – it is a heady place to be right now. If you’re contemplating selling, or perhaps becoming a buyer, it’s easy to get confused by all the numbers flying around – especially the ones related to valuations, adjusted revenue, combined free cash flow, and myriad deal structures with all sorts of payout options and closing cash concepts.

Are You Really Considering an “Arranged Marriage” Merger?

By George Sierchio Executive Vice President and Senior Partner If you are the founder or top-tier executive in a technology company interested in getting a leg up on the competition, you might be thinking about joining forces with a company similar to yours in size, scope, geography or revenue.

Get the Highest Value When You Sell

Rick Murphy CEO & Managing Partner As a company whose primary mission is to serve as a buy-side advisor to IT companies on their acquisition of other IT firms, we have a unique perspective about the process. Unlike the viewpoint of most sell-side brokers who are simply seeking to make a one-time-only sale happen, we want to help IT business owners maximize their value when they sell.

Trust and Truth: M&A Bedrocks

Trust and truth form the bedrock of every successful merger and acquisition. Faith and respect between the buyer and the seller are fundamental to creating a deal that works – at the time it’s signed and down the line. Serial entrepreneur Jerry Jao, co-founder of marketing AI firm Retention Science, recently sat down with Inc.

What’s My Company Worth?

Cogent is the industry leader in IT Services M&A and we know many of the Buyers, and most importantly, how Buyers think and why. While there are many opinions on how to value an IT Services company, from myriad sell-side sources, it’s a Buyers opinion that really matters most.

I Could Be a Seller

We believe exploring the opportunity is first;| and discussing money is last. Refer a Seller Selling your business is a big decision and making sure your employees and customers are well taken care of is a major concern; we know that, and we start there first.

I Think I’m a Buyer

Win-Win Buying or selling a business is not the same thing as buying or selling a property. We succeed by helping our clients and candidates learn that buying or selling a business is not about winning battles in a war of attrition fought in the trenches by lawyers, accountants and advisors – like most think (and many are taught). That might be an effective approach when buying distressed assets or real estate (property isn’t emotional), but when buying a perfectly good company, treating the owners, their employees and customers like “property” is just wrong, on every level; and something we never do.