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Put Opportunity First, and Money Last Videos

Put Opportunity First, and Money Last with Rick Murphy

Cogent Growth Partners, LLC, a buy-side intermediary for mergers and acquisitions exclusively in the IT Services space, taps into the growth opportunities found by combining …

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Focus on the Opportunity First

IT M&A – it is a heady place to be right now. If you’re contemplating selling, or perhaps becoming a buyer, it’s easy to get …

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Attracting Buyers Blog

MSP Owner: Are You A Good Seller?

Whether you are considering selling your Managed Services Provider (MSP) now or several years down the road, how can you tell if you’re ready to sell and how can you determine if your company is ready to sell? This post will help you assess both kinds of readiness.

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Wedding Bouquet Blog

Are You Really Considering an “Arranged Marriage” Merger?

By George Sierchio Executive Vice President and Senior Partner If you are the founder or top-tier executive in a technology company interested in getting a …

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Myth Busting Blog

Get the Highest Value When You Sell

Rick Murphy CEO & Managing Partner As a company whose primary mission is to serve as a buy-side advisor to IT companies on their acquisition …

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Marriage Contract News

Trust and Truth: M&A Bedrocks

Trust and truth form the bedrock of every successful merger and acquisition. Faith and respect between the buyer and the seller are fundamental to creating …

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