A Different Kind of Partner

Cogent Growth Partners’ mission is to help the owners of IT Services firms to increase their personal financial wealth by dramatically increasing the value of their most important asset – their business.

While we focus heavily on helping our clients find and execute acquisitions that increase the top line, bottom line and margins, we also understand that with rapid growth come growing pains. And that’s where Cogent’s Operational Experts come in. We believe our Operational Experts have as much depth and breadth of expertise in IT Services as any consulting firm in North America.

Rather than using the traditional model of project scopes and hourly billing, we partner with our clients on an ongoing basis to identify and address operational challenges and opportunities (regardless of whether they relate to an acquisition).

We work instead under a retainer agreement – the same retainer that governs our acquisition work – guided by a long-term development plan that is established at the beginning of every client relationship and updated periodically (usually every three or four months).

Over the course of our relationship with a client, we will engage in a wide variety of activities, which may include:

·         Assessing specific aspects of the client business and making recommendations for optimization

·         Coaching our client on how to handle ongoing issues, concerns or initiatives

·         Hands-on, project oriented work on specific initiatives or deliverables

·         Advising client staff on how to address specific issues or situations

·         Acting as a sounding board for various ideas, initiatives and ongoing activities

·         Performing a wide range of functions related to ongoing acquisitions, including initial target identification and assessment, Operational Due Diligence, integration planning, and integration optimization.

The topics of these activities can vary greatly over the course of our client relationship and may over time involve all aspects of the business, including the service portfolio, marketing, lead generation, sales and sales management, managed services delivery, professional services delivery, Human Resources Management and corporate governance.

This approach to client engagement has several benefits for our clients:

·         Clients are free to engage us as needed without worrying about whether the activity is “out of scope”

·         Both Cogent and our clients are able to dedicate our time to the clients’ business rather than negotiating specific contracts, engagements, and statements of work

·         By creating long-term relationships, our Operational Experts spend more time helping our clients

·         Our Operational Experts are free to focus on adding value for our customers without having to worry about the boundaries of a narrowly defined contract or statement of work

·         We build a long-term relationship based upon a comfortable and open, free-flowing dialog focused on one objective: increasing the value of our client’s company

We believe this engagement approach makes us unique, just as we believe the depth and breadth of our Operational Expertise makes us different from other M&A firms. This powerful combination makes Cogent Growth Partners the firm of choice for IT Services Merger & Acquisition.