Combining IT Expertise with M&A Experience

Finding the right company to acquire, or discovering that it is the best time to be acquired by the right company, is only the beginning of the story. With accretive growth there are a variety of operational challenges and undiscovered opportunities.

The Cogent Growth Partners’ team builds on our experience to enhance our depth of knowledge daily, so that we can help clients and the candidate companies address the issues most often faced before and after closing, to maximaize ROI for all parties.

Key Considerations:

Acquiring the right company is only part of the story. Acquisitions create a variety of challenges and opportunities. We help all parties face them head-on: 

·         How do we prepare for "instant" growth?

·         How do we finance a transaction (internal cash flow or external capital)?

·         How do we assess how well the candidate's operations will mesh with ours?

·         How will we integrate the acquired company?

·         How do we scale operations to leverage the newly combined company's assets?

·         How can we take advantage of economies of scale to further optimize efficiency and profitability?

·         Where will we find the time to do all this and still service our existing clients?