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Cogent Growth Partners is a buy-side merger & acquisition advisory firm that exclusively specializes in helping IT services companies in the MSP, CSP and Hosted Services sectors, grow their business more effectively via strategic acquisition. We provide a complete suite of IT industry specific M&A services, including research and outreach, initial due diligence, matchmaking and deal negotiation, operational and financial due diligence analysis, thorough transaction paperwork and all supporting documentation through closing.

Our clients range from large local IT services providers, to regional and national IT firms with revenues exceeding $220 million annually. We seek "Acquisition Candidate" firms ranging from $1M in annual sales to $40M and up, with most firms in the $2M to $15M revenue range. We have a broad active client base throughout North America and we have accomplished almost 40 IT services M&A transactions for our clients since our inception in early 2010.   

Our goal is to deliver improved financial performance and exceptional value for all the stakeholders on both sides of the transaction. We do the bulk of the work so that each side can stay focused on running their respective businesses right up to closing, while mitigating many of the risks often associated with planning and executing acquisition and liquidity strategies.

Selected Assignments:

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

This MSP focused client is based in North Central Minneapolis/St Paul servicing the metropolitan Twin Cities area for nearly 20 years.


Mid-Atlantic Regions

This forward looking MSP/IT Services client is based in DC area additional locations north and south providing services for nearly 20 years.


Houston, Austin and Dallas,Texas

This MSP focused client is based in Houston and has been serving the region for over 30 years.


Seattle, WA / NW Region

This managed IT and consulting services provider client has been servicing the Seattle, Washington to Portland, Oregon region for nearly 40 years.


New York Metro Region

This MSP, cloud and profession IT services provider client has been servicing the New York Metro Area for nearly 20 years.


Mid-Atlantic Regional Provider

This large regional managed services provider client has been serving the Northeast corridor from New York to Virginia for nearly 20 years.


Large Managed Services Provider with Nationwide reach

This large Mutli-regional MSP, cloud and professional IT services provider client has been servicing thousands of small and medium businesses across the US for nearly 20 years.


New England Region

This managed services, IT outsourcing and app development provider client has been servicing the New England area for 15 years.


Chicagoland Region

This managed IT cloud services and telecommunications provider client has been servicing the Chicagoland Area for over 12 years.


A Cogent Overview:

Organic growth takes time

We are dedicated to helping IT business owners discover and consummate acquisition opportunities with well matched candidate companies, while supporting the evolution of intrinsic growth strategies, in order to significantly increase net cash generation and the enterprise value of their combined companies faster and more effectively than via organic growth alone.

Strategic acquisition of a complimentary IT firm can deliver large-scale customer acquisition that far exceeds the normal capabilities of natural growth. It can also enable rapid expansion of the talent pool and service portfolio while stimulating operational refinement, among many other benefits.

Many organizations are intrigued by the possibilities of growth by acquisition but never pursue the strategy for fear of losing focus on their business, or they do so and have only limited success, or even a bad experience, because they often fail to uncover operational synergies, or pre-plan integration in advance of closing the deal. In fact, acquisition activity can become all-consuming if you don’t have a purpose built, experienced team in place to make it successful.

Cogent Growth Partners’ mission is to execute strategic growth transactions while allowing our clients to stay focused on their core business. Cogent’s experts take the lead on all aspects of the acquisition and integration process. Our clients have the final say, but we do most if not all of the heavy lifting.

The Cogent team handles the bulk of the work, in cooperation with you and your team, which helps you focus on accomplishing current goals and objectives without compromising levels of service, efficiency or profitability; because you and your staff are free to run your business while we handle your corporate development.


News & Updates:

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